Amplify Your Business

Amplify Your Business

Grow Your Business with Business First Steps

No business owner is an island and we focus on helping you develop viable products and services and proven strategies to grow your business.
The Business Momentum Program is designed to help you achieve consistent and viable growth in your business with ample support, resources, tools and suppliers to create the right strategies for sustainable growth.

Are you Ready to Embrace Audacious Growth in your Business?

The business world is changing rapidly. How do you stay in the forefront of the pack and ensure consistent business growth? Every business needs a comprehensive, effective and realistic growth plan to survive in this competitive world.

Can you answer YES to all the questions below?
  • Are you maximising the potential of your products or services?
  • Do you have an effective business model?
  • Have you got an effective sales funnel in place?
  • Do you have specific goals you want to achieve in your business?
  • Are you focusing on the tasks that will grow your business?
  • Are you clear about your target market and how to reach them?
  • Are you consistently nurturing your prospects?
  • Is your marketing message clear and void of ambiguity?
  • Is there a viable market for your product or service?
  • What other products and services can you provide?
  • Are you building the right relationship with your customers?
  • Do you have a scalable business model?

Business First Steps can help you create viable business strategies and workable plans so you achieve your business goals. This Momentum Program is designed to help you make significant progress in your business by using clearly defined and proven strategies you can roll out again and again. If you are ready to take audacious steps and increase your business reach then let’s work together to achieve that dream.

We can provide solutions to the numerous business questions that rise up in your mind?
  • How can I improve my business strategy and be more effective?
  • How do I serve my clients better?
  • How do I increase my reach and revenue?
  • How do I create an effective growth plan for my business?
  • What product or service ideas can I use to increase my reach?

“Thank you for the invaluable support at those crucial times when I needed direction with my business.
Thank you for the support when I was down and wanted to give up.
As I have always said, you are part of my story, my journey.”

Ola Fatona SWAV Bags Creator

“Temi Koleowo has a real passion for business startups. She embraces your concept wholeheartedly, providing insight, support and guidance all the way. This woman’s tenacity amazes me, her personality is inspiring and her business ethics are impeccable. Working with her has been a great pleasure”.
Esther Olawande

“Temi has developed proven systems and strategies that will enable you to take your current business to the next level and beyond; or nurture your new ideas from conception to market.
She is passionate about your passion, your goals and your business aspirations. She will support you with your vision and help you develop if from a business idea into reality. Temi will provide you with invaluable support and resources that will empower you to strive in the current constant changing market.
I make it a priority to meet with Temi periodically for coaching, motivation and inspiration. She is always willing and readily available to challenge me to take my business to the next level.”

Titi Windapo, TOWIN Academy

Streamline your Processes

Time is money and we know you do not have a lot of it. My team and I will work with you to streamline your business processes so you know what to do on a daily basis to grow your business.

Develop Result-Oriented Business Strategy

You need a business strategy that is tailor made for you, your personality and your business goals. We will work together to develop a business strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. A plan you and your team can work with on a daily basis.

Product/Service Ideas

Do you need an injection of new product or service ideas to increase your reach and revenue? Do you want to revamp your current offerings? Let the idea catalyst help you curate amazing and viable product or service ideas that will get your customers excited. We will use our special developed Wheel of Fortune™ to develop great ideas you can work with.

Set Effective Business Goals and Targets

We will work together to set SMART business goals and help you create an action plan to reach your target. Goals don’t work expect we take action. We will break down every action step into seven key tasks using our 7 Success Steps formula.

Marketing Plan

We will work together to create an effective marketing plan including a content plan you can implement immediately and grow your business. You will also learn how to create and schedule content on various mediums including social media to increase your reach.

Regular Momentum Sessions

I will be with you every step of the way with monthly one 2 one momentum sessions to develop the business model that suits you and your vision. Regular email check-in, troubleshooting calls and unlimited support every step of the way.


“Since I have been working with Temi, I have found her to be a person who is committed to helping people to develop and run a successful business. She is also professional in her approach to work and a very good inspirational and motivational speaker.”
Dupe Makinde Blossom Network

“I’ve come a long way, even if I say so myself since attending Temis Momentum 2016. I left inspired, informed and motivated. But it did not end there, Temi offered support with what was a hobby,making wigs for myself to starting my journey into a fledgling bespoke wig business.
I just love her uncanny knack of seeing things from a different perspective, which makes you think, why didn’t I think of that!! Thank you Temi”

Abi Salako

“After a lot of hesitation, I went to Temi Koleowo to discuss how to package my business correctly. I was pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm for what I do and her unique ability to quickly identify hidden opportunities within my business.
Temi took her time to go through every aspect, showing me what I needed to do and giving me useful tips. She was generous enough to share with me all the resources that she personally uses; this is something that many Coaches will not do.
Temi believes in getting things done promptly and by the time our meeting was over, she had drawn up an action plan for me and given me a deadline to report back to her on my progress. I am grateful for the extra push that she has given me and highly recommend Temi’s service to everyone who has a passion and needs help to package it.”

Tele Adewusi Bytels Publishing

Program Options



The VIP day is for you if you need urgent support to find immediate solutions for your business. We will spend five hours together (lunch included) to develop a comprehensive plan for your business you can put to use immediately. This intensive half day program is not for the faith-hearted. Be ready to dig deep, engage all your senses, knowledge, and expertise to create a plan that will grow your business. You will also gain access to templates and resources to ensure you achieve your goals.


90 Days Program

The 90 days program will help you achieve one important and audacious goal in your business. We will work together to set up an effective plan to work with over the next 90 days. We will work together for 90 days to ensure the goal is effectively embedded in your business. The program includes:
  • Monthly strategy sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Troubleshooting phone calls
  • Regular support
  • Access to resources and tools
  • Action plan
  • You can extend the program beyond 90 days.


6 Months Program

Develop a better business model and strategy with consistent support every step of the way. This program is suited to the business owner who is ready for a business shift and willing to put in the effort to make it work. If you are ready to expand your product offering this is for you. The program will include all of the above
  • Monthly Strategy sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Troubleshooting phone calls
  • Regular support
  • Access to resources and tools
  • Action plan

“Temi is an outstanding professional who provides excellent service and without whom I would not have been able to kick-start my programme. She pushes, supports and encourages me all the time.
I always dread her weekly emails as I know that she is not only checking on my progress but also adding more tasks for me. This is however very helpful because it keeps me focused and on my toes.
Temi knows how to ask the right questions and these questions triggers thoughts in my mind which I never thought of. Temi also has a very good instinct. I would never forget the day I received her phone call in the middle of a very stressful and frustrating situatuion. I nearly didn’t want to pick up her call but glad that I did as she helped to calm me down and also phoned me the following day to help me out with my technological issues.
Temi is a very pleasant and hardworking woman. I am indeed grateful to her and cannot thank her enough for helping to make the exclusive you a reality.”

Funmi Ajayi-Obe

“I contacted Temi of Business First Steps when I was struggling with my business ideas and associated issues such as marketing especially at this time in history when social media is the order of the day if one wants to succeed.
The support I received were superb and parallel to none! I was provided with required information and was gently led to look at other ideas and suggestions aimed at supporting my business to ‘stand out from the crowd’ not to mention weekly reminder and review to ensure I focused on my business’ prosperity.
I will recommend BFS to anyone struggling with their business ideas or business itself to get in touch with Business First Steps and have them on their side. You’ll never regret it!”

Adébùnmi Adéníran Ms. (

Product and Service Delopment

Do you want to develop new products and services in your business so you can increase your market reach? Whether you want to create social enterprise arm, courses, membership site, online forum, physical products, digital products or viable services, this is the ideal program for you. It includes all of the above and a comprehensive 8-step product development program, business strategy, launch and marketing plan, the right platform for your business and much more.

We will focus on streamlining your processes, developing an effective business model, product development, product refresh and product advancement.

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