Business Development Laser Sessions

“Brainstorming Sessions help you tap into a source of energy you need to get through the daily hurdles of business”

“A man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Are you Ready to Take Some Audacious Steps in your Business?  

Every business needs a plan for growth if it wants to survive in the business world.

This program is designed to help you make significant progress in your business in just 30-90 days.  If you are ready to take audacious steps and increase your business reach then let’s work together to achieve that dream.  

The focus is on building a successful model for your business.  

You need someone to help you see the forest for the trees in your business. Setting goals is half of the job done; setting a plan in motion to achieve those goals is what get the results you want.

We then work together over 30-90 days to ensure you achieve the results you desire.  What are your answers to the following questions:

Get the answers to these questions and much more as you take on the challenge to STEP UP your business in 30 or 90 days.  


“I would highly recommend the one to one brainstorming session as a useful way of focusing on the business and setting realistic targets and goals.  I am absolutely delighted with the support Temi has and is giving both my businesses and am looking forward to our next fruitful meeting. I cannot recommend Temi’s guidance highly enough to support your new business or one that has been running for a while.” Lorna Crust Aquakids and Aquability

“The development session help me achieve my business goals by making me accountable for task completion and business development.”  Faith Kalejaiye Deizi Events

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You must be willing to work towards your goal. If you can’t do the work, then this is not for you!

Sessions are one to one (within London or travel costs apply), phone or Skype calls.

The Business Development Session is a practical and affordable way to develop and grow your business. Please note that the results you will achieve depend on the amount of effort you put into your business development  using the recommended routes to achieve your goals.  The topics listed above can’t be exhausted in one session. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend a minimum of three sessions so you can benefit immensely from our time together.  

You can book a session monthly, bi-monthly or any interval to suit your business schedule. There is no tie-in and no obligation to sign a continuous agreement.  Once we receive your enquire, we will book a date and set the process in motion.  It will be a pleasure to support you and your business.


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Choose the Development Session that meet your needs:

The 90 Days Momentum Program  

The 90 Days Step-up Program will help you take a critical look at your business and find ingenious ways to increase your reach and revenue.  

Get the answers to those nagging questions and much more as you take on the challenge to STEP UP your business in 90 days.  

Get the results you deserve in your business. Instalment plan available.

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The 30 Days Supreme Session

I am able to adapt the session to meet your business needs, get in touch here to find out more.  Get in touch and let us work together and achieve your audacious goals.

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