Turn Your Passion into Profit

You can turn your big dreams into reality. It starts with packaging an idea, an interest, a passion, a hobby, a talent, a gift…

I am Temi Koleowo and I am the Idea Catalyst behind BFS. I love to develop ideas. I have a peculiar way of amplifying ideas and coming up with awesome and exciting concepts that flourish into viable and marketable products and services.

I believe your passion has a purpose and I want to help you discover how you can turn the components of that passion into multiple income streams that create your own economy. I am a firm believer that you are a solution to a problem. My mission is to assist you to realise your buried dreams and turn your ideas into viable products. I have helped many people discover their passion, develop their ideas and start their own businesses and I want to assist you too.

our process


Discover your passion. I help you start by putting in place the mindset that will help you create the right environment to nurture your dreams. We then go on to discover the most dominant components of your passion and how to use them to create your new income stream.


Streamline your components and discover how to maximise your superpowers using my Wheel of Fortune Formula. Create products and services people want and need from what you love. My experience in the accounting and business management field enables me to create plans and processes that form the foundation of viable businesses.


Get your products on the shelf. I will help you develop your products or services to the right standard and get it to the right people.  We will create the platform you need to sell or offer your products/services.  I will link you up with my graphic designers, marketing manager and other experts to create the business structure you will be proud of.

Why Work with me

My clients are my epistle. Many are in thriving businesses since we started our journey together. I have also been privileged to gain a few accolades.

“Temi’s aptitude for idea development has enabled her to develop creative concepts for existing businesses, thereby increasing their reach and service delivery to a wider audience.”

  • BE (Black Enterprise) Mogul Award 2016
  • Women 4 Africa Business Woman of the Year Award 2015
  • Black African Women Rock Inspirational Woman  Award 2014
  • Top 100 UK Mumpreneurs 2013
  • Member of the Institute of Business Consulting
  • IOEE Mentor

Programs and Services

Package My Passion
Create Multiple Income Streams with the Package My Passion Program Your Personal Guide to Defining and Turning Your Passion in Products or Services Dear Talented
In the Multiple Income Streams Club you will learn:  Multiple Ways to Package your Passion There is more than one way to package your passion
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What people are saying…

  • “Working with Temi is like having an extra set of eyes to help you see what you may have missed out in your business. She has got great energy, eyes for details and she won’t settle for less. Great customer service too. I highly recommend her services.
    – Bunmi, Love in the House
  • “Temi has helped me develop my passion into a widely acceptable concept.  She is my litmus test for ideas.”
    – Abbiih Womenz World
  • Temi has a very unique way of helping people find new ways to do business.
         –  Alison Bell ABC Swim School
  • “The sessions are very thorough and helped me clarify my business idea and start-up goals.  I love the action plan because it is quite detailed and gives me the confidence to start my own business.”   – Andrea, Loving Yourself More.
    “I had my first client and I am so pleased!! Thanks… I could not have done it otherwise.” – Shola, KenShol Consultancy.