Our Terms and Conditions

Please take time out to read our terms and conditions. Contracting us to work for you is an acknowledgement and acceptance of Business First Steps’ terms and conditions as listed below:


Business First Steps ensures it provides a confidential service to its clients. All members of our team are committed to our confidential agreements and adhere to it at all times. Business First Steps ensures clients ideas and documents are given maximum protection to ensure integrity is not compromised.

Business First Steps complies with the UK Data Protection Act by ensuring personal information is processed fairly and lawfully and kept only for the period it will be used.

Clients have the right to omit any information they think are quite personal or need to keep secure. In such instances, document can be sent back by email for the client to input these details themselves.

The client retains the copyright and control over all materials submitted to Business First Steps for editing purposes. The client has total ownership of all materials created and developed on their behalf by Business First Steps.


Business First Steps reserves the right to refuse any quote request that is suspected to contain plagiarized materials. Plagiarism and breach of copyright are serious offences and Business First Steps will not promote such acts.

Business First Steps also reserves the right to refuse any contract which will incite violence, hatred or discrimination of any form. The company also has the right to reject any defamatory, unlawful, obscene, libellous material that may breach any law.

Where a quote has been agreed, Business First Steps has the right to withdraw its services on any request which is deemed to contravene national and international laws.

Opinions and views expressed in contents of request are those of individual clients and Business First Steps will not be held liable for the use of information contained in clients’ documents.


Business First Steps aims to provide complete satisfaction to all our clients by providing services of the highest possible standard. All documents are written with great care and in-depth research. However we do not guarantee error free service.

All clients are responsible for reviewing the accuracy of any products or services we provide. Where there are errors or omission of information, it is the client’s responsibility to contact Business First Steps. Business First Steps will correct any errors within the document as agreed on the first quote. In cases where additional information is provided, Business First Steps has the right to provide a new price quote for the client. Business First Steps is not required to refund the cost of it’s service if the client’s package does not meet the expected requirement.

Business First Steps is not liable for any loss incurred due to the information contained in any document produced on behalf of clients. These include loss of revenue, sales, contracts or business. Business First Steps will not be held responsible for any secondary, significant indirect or penal damages incurred by clients. Business First Steps is exempted from any claim based on information contained in Business First Steps’ website or information produced on its behalf. The client assumes all responsibility for any problems, errors and issues, as well as legal liability resulting from an incorrect statement of work.

Once the project is signed off as complete any further editing or changes becomes the responsibility of the client. Business First Steps may edit or change information as requested by the client but at a cost. We reserve the right to refuse to edit or change any document, once it has been signed off to the client.


Client must ensure all information sent to Business First Steps is accurate to the client’s satisfaction. All personal details, references, sequence of dates should be cross-checked for accuracy before sent to us. Business First Steps will not be held responsible for any legal liability or other problems that may develop due to inaccurate information.


Business First Steps has the right to refuse service to any client without notification or explanation. In cases where virus is detected in any document, Business First Steps also has the right to refuse to either offer its services or open the document. A refund less any administration costs will be refunded if payment has already been received.


Business First Steps does not provide legal advice. Clients are advised to contact a solicitor to ascertain the legal implications of any service produced by us.


Business First Steps will not be held liable for the deceptive use of any form of payment to pay its services.


The client agrees not to hold Business First Steps liable for any claim including costs for the service of a solicitor or any third party that may arise due to the use of the Business First Step service. This is also applicable to any violation of the Terms and Conditions of Business First Steps by any client.

Business First Steps ensures that this website contains little or no errors. Business First Steps indemnifies itself from any liability that may arise from the content of this website in any situation.


Business First Steps shall not be liable for any and all loses (including loss of data) damages, costs, claims and other liabilities which may arise as a result of any delay or interruptions in, or any non-delivery, or missed delivery or failure of equipment and/or services due to circumstances beyond our control (including, but not limited to fire, lightning, explosion, war, terrorist attack, disorder, flood, industrial dispute, sabotage, weather conditions, or acts of local or central Government or other competent authorities)


Although every attempt is made to ensure documents sent out are virus-free. Business First Steps cannot accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to client’s data or computer system as a result of information sent to a client by us.


Business First Steps is governed by the laws of the England and Wales by accepting these terms and conditions clients submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in England and Wales.


Business First Steps will commence work as soon as cleared payment is received from the client, 50% of payment is required to start any project. By submitting payment to us, the client accepts our quote and our terms and conditions of service. Cancellations are allowed within 24 hours of payment received, a refund will be due less any administrative costs incurred by Business First Steps.

Clients are responsible for any subscription fees that might become due from the purchase of domain names, website hosting, blogs, advertising and any such costs.


Business First Steps reserves the right to terminate all the services or contractual obligations with any client who breech our terms and conditions. Business First Steps also have the right to refuse to offer or cancel it services or access to its website without notice or explanation.


The business name Business First Steps and website http://www.Businessfirststeps.co.uk are owned by Business First Steps and are protected by copyright and trademark law. The business name and website content cannot be used, copied, reproduced or stored without the permission of Business First Steps.


Business First Steps reserves the right to alter, amend, change, modify, rewrite or retract its terms and conditions without any notice and for any reason.


Business First Steps aims to ensure each customer receives top quality service through our Business products. We recognise that quality can mean different things to others; clients are asked to contact us at ask@businessfirststeps.co.uk if they have any concerns. Business First Steps will attempt within reason to address any issues that may occur.