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Discover, Define, Develop and Deploy your passion so you can walk in your true purpose.  

Are you searching for what lights you up within, while using your knowledge, experiences, skills and talent to create your economy?

You are in the right place. I am Temi Koleowo, the Idea Catalyst and I am passionate about helping talented women discover, develop and package the components of their passion into meaningful products and services.

I have been privileged to help so many women (and men) package their special talents into various products, services and businesses. Join me!

Everyone has the right to fully express their God-given talents and passion and maximise their opportunities.

You were created to be a solution provider. Problem solving is in your DNA, and you cannot hide from the answers you can provide.

You are born with solutions within you, why deny the world the privilege of sharing the gems you have?

Get Ready to Realise Your Dreams…

Imagine clearly defining your dominant talent, not feeling lost or confused about what lights you up within, feeling capable, talented, confident and ready to walk in your true life purpose.

Imagine waking up every morning with excitement, willing to help someone by using your unique gifts gleaned from your genius zone.

Imagine talking to people about what you do with so much glee and enthusiasm and have the listeners wanting more.

Imagine being able to provide solutions to a multitude of individuals via the medium that works best with your personality and see the results in their lives.

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have to Start to Be Great. 

Not everyone wants to start a business; I get that.  Not every woman wants to leave her job, while some (like me) can’t wait to forge a new path.  I totally understand that too.  Nevertheless, there is the common factor that brings us all together, the desire to be the best version of who you were created to be by fully expressing who you are without apology.

Scared of the Word ‘Business’? Don’t Be. 

Many people are scared of the thought of starting a business, the word “business structure” fills them with dread.  Let me boot fear out of your life by discovering what makes your heart sing.  I am not here to fit you into a box and convince you to start or grow your business. If you want that, that is fine with me and I can work with you too. However, if not, we are still happy because there are many other ways to express your talent, skills, experiences, knowledge and interests.

I have worked with quite a number of talented women over the past few years who prior to finding me, struggle to do the same.  I know what it feels like to look for your dominant strength in that pool of unlimited talent.  It is like looking for a pin in a giant haystack – quite daunting.

You may be struggling to match your personality to your passion and find the profit within. Having been lost in the idea maze for many years prior to starting my business, believe me, I know and I feel your pain.

I understand how frustrating it is when you know you are so talented, but cannot see the fruits of your endless skills and opportunities just pass you by.

I strongly believe everyone has the right to find their true purpose and walk in it.

What Product or Service Lies Within You? 

Whether you want to start an orphanage in a remote part of the world, develop a product, sell your services, do what you love, teach your knowledge, share your experiences, walk in your spiritual gifts or develop your interests.  I can help you get from where you are to where you were created to be.


Are you stuck in the idea maze?
Trying to find your true potential?
Struggling to clearly define who you are?
Want more fulfillment from doing what you love?
Want to start a business or amplify your current one?


Let me, the Idea Catalyst (Your stimulus for a change) amplify your passion and boost your ideas.  I am here to match your personality to your passion and clearly, define the right way to express it.

No more wondering what you are passionate about, no more guesswork, no more big shiny object syndrome, and no more analysis paralysis.

No more uncomfortable processes that leave you deflated and glum.  If you are not techy, the life of the party, not a great orator, hate routines, not an extrovert, still waiting to bloom, I can handle that too.  All I need is your cooperation and your willingness to dig your heels in with the determination that you will package your passion and maximise your opportunities.

It is time for you to shine forth and step out to be who you were called to be.

The world is waiting to see what you have – do not keep us waiting any longer.

I will take you by the hand, work with you, encourage you, motivate you, pray with you to be the best version of yourself. I will help you package your passion so you can do what nourishes your soul, fulfills your spirit and makes your heart sing with gladness.

  • Imagine being called upon as the expert in your field to solve riddles and problems no one else can resolve.
  • Imagine your life flourishing beyond belief; your email is full of enquiries, testimonials, payment notifications,  collaboration requests and opportunities you used to dream of.
  • Imagine the freedom to express yourself by doing what you love on your terms and not being dependent on just your job for your monthly income. 
  • Imagine you have the support system to cheer you on at every step.
  • Imagine an upgraded you.  


Let us explore and dig for gold together.

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