The Start-up Navigator Program

Your Personal Guide to Defining and Turning Your Passion in Products or Services

“Visualize this thing you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin.”  Robert Collier

A navigation system provides a roadmap to plan your route, identify road blocks and help you choose the best route to reach your destination successfully.

Dear Talented friend,

I know you are gifted, talented with skills that will woo the world. Do you know that you are a solution to a problem and people are waiting for you to showcase what you’ve got?  Being stuck in a job you do not love is no fun. I know bills have to be paid and you want financial security – don’t we all?  But hey, Life is what happens whilst you make other plans.  

What if I tell you that there is a better way to have the best of both worlds – a job that pays the bills and doing what you love too.  You see I made a pledge to myself some years ago that I will maximise every gift and talent within me – after all they are not for decorative purposes.  

Your passion, talent, experience, knowledge and interest is the solution to multiple of problems.

That is why I am inviting you to navigate your idea with me and let’s explore a new way together.  

Creating additional income streams is so exciting!

Do you not know where to begin to start your own business?

Do you think your passion/hobby would make a fantastic business opportunity?

Are you looking to earn more money and enjoy more success?

If your answer is Yes, the Start-Up Navigator is for you!

Starting a business can be a terrifying prospect and many are put off before they even take their first step simply because they don’t know where to begin.  That’s why I developed the Business Start-Up Navigator. It’s a program that will lead you through all the steps of effective  package my passion and business start-up and will show you the right direction to kick-start your success.

Knowing that you do not need to walk along makes the journey a lot more fun.


The Startup Navigator Support Includes…

We will work through a number of steps to help you set-up and start your business. These steps include:

Personal SWOT and Core Values Analysis ● Mission Statement ● Business Identity and Branding ● Writing a Business Plan ● Market Research ● Business Structure ● Funding ● Products, Price and Positioning ● Web Presence ● Work/Business Balance ● Business Structure ● Legal requirements ● Collaboration options ● Professional Help ● Place – Location ● Skills Development ● List Building ● Marketing, Materials and Tools ● Fixed Assets – Equipment and Tools ● Business Operations, Processes and Systems ● Accounting, Tax and VAT ● Insurance ● Online Presence – Website and Social Media ● Networking ● Open for Business.  

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What Some Of My Clients said:

“The sessions are very thorough and helped me clarify my business idea and start-up goals.  I love the action plan because it is quite detailed and gives me the confidence to start my own business.”   Andrea - Loving Yourself More.

“I had my first client and I am so pleased!! Thanks to the BFS Navigator which made the start-up process a lot easier to manage. I could not have done it otherwise.” Shola - KenShol Consultancy.  

“The business start-up navigator sessions gave me clarity about my business idea and start-up goals.  I was no longer afraid to start a business, as I had my own personalised map and I knew I won’t get lost.  I was clear about my products, services and target market. I had an action plan so I knew what I had to do at every step of the way to start my business. Temi’s constant support gave me the boost I needed to start a business I love and enjoy.”   Yema - Mirror Mirror by Yema.

Temi has been amazing in helping me set up and step out as a woman in business. At first I was slightly apprehensive because of the cost of it all and thought perhaps I could do it on my own. However we had a consultation and she immediately felt my passion, saw the vision and ran with it.  She opened my eyes to things I had not thought of for my business, she set it out plain and clear for me to see and run with in a concise business plan. She is always there to offer help and advice.

I am doing really well and it is with her help, business insight, skills and passion for what she does that I am soaring and succeeding daily. Rebecca Business Owner/Fitness Instructor Fit2Sparkle

Temi has a very unique way of helping people find new ways to do business. Alison Bell ABC Swim School

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“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  

Napoleon Hill

Startup Navigator Session

Step 1

2 hours Skype/phone session

Comprehensive Navigator Session

Summary of session by email.

Links to vital information.

Get Started

Add  an Action Plan

90 Days Comprehensive Action Plan developed specifically for your business idea.  Add this action plan to your Navigator so you know what to do every step of the way.

Monthly  Support

Step 2

Monthly start-up coaching and support

1 x 45 minutes Skype/phone coaching call every month

Startup tasks sent every month

Accountability nudges.

Email support available throughout the subscription.

Inspiration and support to keep you motivated.

No tie-in but recommended for 6 months.

If you are ready to bring your business idea to life then I am ready to help you make it happen. Stop procrastinating and start doing what you need to do to get your products and services to the marketplace.  

I have walked many people through the business startup maze, and now successfully run their own businesses and love it.  

I am a Business Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author who is passionate about your passion and committed to help you succeed.  My experience in the accounting and business management field enables me to create plans, processes that form the foundation of viable businesses. Look forward to connecting with you.

Temi Koleowo  

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