Business Idea Development Sessions & Workshop

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Is your Business Idea without direction?

Are you considering a number of thoughts but not sure if you can turn them into a viable business idea?

Do you want to start a business but do not know your ‘why’ from your ‘how’?  

I can help you develop a viable business idea from conception to actualisation to business start-up.   Through a few one-2-one sessions we will define your goals and objectives and the business start-up process will STOP being a daunting task.  

The one-2-one or workshop will help you develop business ideas that are well thought through and equally enjoyable.  The ideas generated will be linked to individual passion, strengths, experience, knowledge, skills and talents.    


The sessions and workshops are designed for those considering a new product or service but do not know how to package their business idea i.e. put the puzzle pieces together.

One-2-One Sessions - I offer one-2-one sessions to help you develop your business idea into viable products or services . Sessions are available by telephone or Skype with email support.  

Workshop -  of up to 10 people. You can book the workshop for your community, networking or religious group. I also facilitate the workshop for charities and other organisations.  The workshops are mobile and can come to wherever the target audience are located.  

Let us get together and bring your business idea to life.  Click here to enquire how I can help you do just that so you can start doing what you really love.  

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An Idea is Salvation by Imagination
Frank Lloyd Wright

Complimentary products: Free eBook, 25% off Business Idea Review Service, Brainstorming Session by email, Free Resources, Support and more.

The Business Idea Development Workshop is the ideal partner for those who want to start their own business journey on a part-time or full time basis.  

Get rid of unemployment by developing your own business idea and start doing what you love.  

Find purpose for your passion with the right idea.

We Turn Ideas into Viable Products and Services!