About BFS

“Make no mistake, my friend, it takes more than money to make men rich”. A.P Gouthey

I am Temi Koleowo and I am the Idea Catalyst behind BFS. I sleep, think and love to develop ideas every day. I have helped many people develop their ideas because I offer something unique – I have a peculiar way of amplifying ideas and I come up with awesome and exciting concepts that will rock your world.

I believe your passion has purpose.  

My Catalyst was redundancy.  What is yours?  

After redundancy from a 15 year career in accounting and finance, I dusted myself and started a new life journey. The redundancy event was the fuel I needed to amplify my talents. Now I am ready to help you do the same.

My Goal is to Create a Multiple Income Streams Revolution.

The job for life is dead!  Multiple Income Streams is the new Retirement Plan.  I want to help as many people as possible discover how they can turn the components of their passion into multiple income streams and create their own economy. I have helped many people discover their passion, develop their ideas and start their own business, the same way I discovered mine.

I believe what we do should be a lifestyle and not a chore.  I love developing concepts that flourish into viable and marketable products and services.  Alongside my team, I am dedicated to the success of business venture and help individuals achieve their dreams.

Why Work With Me?  

I love what I do and I am so passionate about helping you succeed.  I am forever studying new ways to learn how to extend the reach of my clients through innovative ideas and concepts. My clients are my epistle and so many of them are still in business since we started our journey together.

I have been privileged to gain a few accolades:

I believe every passion has a purpose.  If you discover your passion, you will find your purpose.